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Универсиада 2019



phone.: +7 (843) 231-43-16

fax: +7 (843) 231-42-89


The center was established in 2007, aiming at production and research of nanoparticles. The center has a wide range of laboratories and unique research facilities.



Production and modification of metal oxides nanoparticles, metals, non-metals and polymers of predetermined chemical composition and form.

Investigation of composition, structure, form and morphology of nanoparticles

Laboratory of nanoparticles modification

Laboratory of electron microscopy

Laboratory of chemical and electrochemical methods of nanoparticles production

Laboratory of structure and phase analysis

Laboratory of supercritical methods of nanoparticles production

Laboratory of thermal methods of analysis

Laboratory of plasma methods of nanoparticles production

Laboratory of spectral methods of analysis

About 10 organizations share the facilities of the center. The center has contracts with universities, research institutes, chemical and petrochemical industry enterprises. Prospective consumers of the center services are enterprises of Tatarstan petrochemical complex.

Research Facilities

Hardware and software complex “Chromatec Crystall-5000” with mass spectrometric detector

Atomic emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma ICAP-6300

High frequency plasma unit for modification of metal and metal oxides nanoparticles

High frequency plasma unit for metal oxides nanoparticles production

Helium pycnometer Ассu Рус 1340

High frequency generator

X-ray diffractometer D8 ADVANCE

Differential scanning calorimeter DSC 823 e/400

Infrared spectrometer Spektrum BX II

Ion plasma ННВ 6,6 И1

Mass spectrometer Elan-9001

Electron microscope ВС-500

Polarization microscope NAGEMA-K8 with hot stage “Boetius”

Microwave spectrometer РЭ-1306

Pull test machine Inspekt mini TR – 3kN

Laser sedimentograph

Synchronic thermal analyzer STA 409 PC LUXX

Decomposition system МС-6

Multimode III Scanning probe microscope with electrochemical detachable device

Scanning probe microscope NTEGRA-TERMA

Scanning probe microscope Solver P47-SPM-MDT

Integrated thermal analyzer (ДСК+ТГА) SDT Q600

X-ray fluorescence universal spectrometer СУР - 02 “РЕНОМ ФВ”

Spectrometer ЯМР Tesla-567А

Dielectric capability measuring assembly АТАКОМ АМ-3004

Unit on the basis of microparticles production from supercritical solution “Thar Super Particle RESS 100”

FTIR spectrometer Tensor 27

Electron microscope РЭМ-100 У (updated)

Electron microscope ЭММА-4

Energy-dispersive detachable device for scanning electron microscope РЭМ-100У


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