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Head: Zinaida V. Konovalova

phone: +7 (843) 231-43-76


Whether you are willing to continue your higher education or to obtain your doctorate, this section will provide you with information and guidance to think about how you can manage your further science career.

Our postgraduate programs are of the highest caliber because we believe in the transformative power of ideas.

The postgraduate and postdoctoral programs will develop skills in spheres of engineering and chemistry at an advanced level and will also enhance professional standing and status and career advancement prospects.

We appreciate the exchange of ideas, cultural understanding, and breadth of knowledge that result from international study. With new international programs which let us exchange our experience with graduates and scientists from many other countries, our faculty and students engage in intellectual discovery all over the world. The University doors are open for anyone who is sure it’s his/her vocation to research and develop.

We can offer the following Ph.D. Programs:

Specialty code: 01.02.04 Mechanics of Deformable Solid Body

Mechanics of deformable solid body is a branch of science which studies regularities of deformation, damage and wreckage processes of different nature materials.

Specialty code: 02.00.02 Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry is a science which studies definition of chemical compounds, substances and materials.

Specialty code: 01.02.05 – Liquid, Gas and Plasma Mechanics

Liquid, gas and plasma mechanics is a branch of natural science, which studies processes and phenomena of homogeneous and polyphase mediums under mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, and other influences.

Specialty code: 05.13.01 System Analysis, Control and Processing of Information

System Analysis, Control and Processing of Information deals with problems of development and application of methods of complex applied objects system analysis, information processing, and object-oriented influence. The specialty covers the questions of analysis, simulation, optimization, control improvement and decision making.

Specialty code: 01.04.14 Thermal Physics and Theoretical Heat Engineering

Thermal Physics and Theoretical Heat Engineering covers theoretical and experimental studies of properties of substances in liquid, solid and gaseous states, magnetic hydrodynamics, electric conductivity in mediums, and etc.

Specialty code: 02.00.11 Colloidal Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics

Colloidal Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics is a chemical science division, which studies properties and conversion of substance in dispersed and superdispersed states and superficial phenomenon in dispersed systems.

Specialty code: 08.00.05 Economics and Management of National Economy

Management Theory of Economic Systems; Macroeconomics; Economy, Organization and Management of Enterprises, Sectors, Complexes; Innovation Management; Regional Economy; Logistics; Labor Economics.


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