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Универсиада 2019

Development Priorities of Kazan National Research Technological University corresponding to Russian Economy Modernization Perspectives


Chemistry and Technology of Polymer and Composite Materials:

Dynamic Thermoplastic Elastomers, "Green” Tires, Waterproof and Anticorrosive Materials, Plastics for Automobile Construction, Aircraft and Mechanical Engineering

Chemistry and Technology of High Energy Materials:

Special Materials for Defense Industry, Pyrotechnic Compositions, Advanced Propellants

Integrated Processing of Hydrocarbon Resources:

Application of Nanostructured Composite Materials; Wave and Plasma Chemical Processes, Supercritical Fluid Technology and Devices with Fundamentally New Design Features, New Catalytic Processes.

Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials:

Materials on The Basis of Ultra-Fine Powders of Inorganic and Organic Substances, Polymers, Composites, Liquid Crystals and Other Nanomaterials

Energy and Resource Saving Technologies for Advanced Materials:

Bioadditives to Fuels, Vortex Type Economizers, Catalytic Purifiers, Insulation Materials, Heat and Mass Transfer Equipment


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