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Professor of the Oxford University Dr. Peter Atkins visited KNRTU

Honorary doctor of Kazan National Research Technological University, Professor of the Oxford University and Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry Dr. Peter Atkins visited KNRTU in the framework of the Algarysh Granting Program funded by the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan for training of specialists in Russian and foreign educational and research institutions.

Peter Atkins gave exciting lectures to KNRTU students and faculty: The Communication of Chemistry; Beyond the Periodic Table; The Origin of the Laws of Nature and Various Aspects of Thermodynamics.

Peter William Atkins is a world-famous and outstanding scientist, the author of a great number of popular textbooks on chemistry, including Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Molecular Quantum Mechanics. Peter Atkins is also the author of a number of popular science books, including Atkins' Molecules, Galileo's Finger: The Ten Great Ideas of Science and On Being. His books have been translated into many languages all over the world. Peter Atkins has many honorary degrees, prestigious awards and a vast experience in chemistry. Professor Peter Atkins is famous for the numerous broadcasts (radio, TV) related to the public understanding of science, invited lectures throughout the world, public debates, book reviews and articles in newspapers and magazines.

Kazan National Research Technological University is proud that Peter Atkins became the Honorary Doctor of KNRTU in 2009 and actively participates in research activities of the university. Long-term and fruitful collaboration between KNRTU and one of the leading scientists of Oxford University gives the opportunity to implement the new programs at KNRTU, to improve learning and teaching support for training highly qualified specialists in chemical engineering. Moreover, participation in joint grant programs contributes to the development of academic mobility and exchange of experience with faculty and students.

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