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Универсиада 2019

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KNRTU hosts the delegation of Norinco Inc., China

Kazan National Research Technological University hosts the representatives of Norinco Inc. from China.

Established in 1980 with the approval of the State Council of China, China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) is an enterprise group engaged in both products and capital operation, integrated with R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and services. NORINCO mainly deals with defense products, petroleum & mineral resources development, international engineering contracting, optronic products, civilian explosives & chemical products, sports arms & equipment, vehicles and logistics operation, etc. NORINCO has been ranked among the forefront of China’s 500 largest state-owned enterprises in terms of total assets and revenue.
KNRTU is the hosting organization for this visit.The main purpose of the visit is to learn more about KNRTU research and academic infrastructure in high energy materials and get acquainted with the industrial and innovative potential of the Republic of Tatarstan.
The first point of the visit program became the “Idea” Technical Park. The delegation was welcomed by Sergey Yushko, Acting Rector of Kazan National Research Technological University and Evgeniy Malikov, the Head of External Relation Office of the“Idea” Technical Park. The Government of the Republic of Tatarstan was represented by Ildar Mingaleev, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade.
After the introduction of “Idea” Technical Park, the greeting speeches were given by Ildar Mingaleev and Sergey Yushko. The focus of the speeches was dedicated to the place of KNRTU and “Idea” Technical Park in the regional industrial and innovative infrastructure and their mutually beneficial interaction.
The guests visited the Nanocenter of the Republic of Tatarstan located at the Technical Park territory. The detailed Nanocenter tour was provided by Anton Chekmarev, a KNRTU graduate employed by the Nanocenter.
On October 31, the delegation will visit the main building of Kazan National Research Technological University. The guests will be provided with the detailed information about KNRTU potential in high energy materials and will visit research laboratories in different buildings.
An expected visit outcome is that the Chinese delegation will order a short-term academic program in high energy materials which can be developed by KNRTU and implemented the next year.

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