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The representatives of Haldor Topsoe company (Denmark) visited KNRTU Boarding School for Talented Children with Advanced Program in Chemistry

On November 13, 2017, the delegation of Haldor Topsoe company visited KNRTU Boarding School for Talented Children with Advanced Program in Chemistry. The delegation was represented by the President of Haldor Topsoe – Bjerne Steffen Clausen and General Director of Haldor Topsoe – Peter Vang Christensen.

The representatives of the delegation were welcomed by the Acting Rector of KNRTU – Dr. Sergey Yushko and the Director of the Boarding School for Talented Children with Advanced Program in Chemistry – Dr. Liliya Ibrasheva. Bjerne Steffen Clausen gave the motivational workshop for students in the framework of the meeting. The issues of collaboration development between Haldor Topsoe and KNRTU were discussed.

After that the delegation of Haldor Topsoe and the Acting Rector of KNRTU met with the President of Republic of Tatarstan – Rustam Minnikhanov. In his welcoming speech, Minnikhanov noted that cooperation between regional petrochemical enterprises and universities with Haldor Topsoe is long-term and systemic. "Every year we sum up the results of collaboration, discuss the implementation of the approved agreements and outline the prospects for our further interaction," he added. The president stressed that all licensed installations the Danish company supplies to TANECO Oil Refinery and Ammoniy Mineral Fertilizer Factory show stable performance and meet the strictest environmental requirements. "Installations for the combined production of ammonia and methanol, two hydrogen units are among the most effective in the world," Minnikhanov emphasized. The President went on to say that Haldor Topsoe continues research work with Tatarstan universities in terms of the development and introduction of new catalysts into production. "For Tatarstan, as for a large petrochemical, oil refining republic, this area is the most relevant. Catalysts are one of the main components in our work," Minnikhanov added. The president thanked the Danish partners for their contribution to the development of school chemical education. In his turn, Bjerne Clause said that Haldor Topsoe appreciates the existing partnership relations with Tatarstan. "This enables us to focus our efforts and adapt the solutions to meet the needs of the leading chemical and oil refineries in the republic. Moreover, we appreciate our cooperation in the field of research and educational projects,” he said. Then the meeting discussed further steps to develop cooperation between Haldor Topsoe and industrial enterprises of the republic and considered opportunities for expanding cooperation in the field of science and education. Minister of Industry and Trade of the republic Albert Karimov, Aide to Tatarstan President Rinat Sabirov, representatives of petrochemical companies and universities of the republic took part in the meeting.

Haldor Topsoe is a Danish catalysis company founded in 1940 by Dr. Haldor Topsøe (1913–2013). The company has over 2700 employees all over the world. Haldor Topsoe specialises in the production of heterogeneous catalysts and the design of process plants based on catalytic processes. Focus areas include the fertiliser industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, and the energy sector (refineries and power plants). Haldor Topsoe A/S is one of the world's leading companies within the field of heterogeneous catalysis, and over 50 percent of the ammonia used for fertilizer on a worldwide scale is made with the help of technology from Haldor Topsoe.

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