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KNRTU students took part in the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation – Vladimir Putin

On January 25, 2018, the students of Kazan National Research Technological University took part in the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation – Vladimir Putin.

During his working visit to Kazan Vladimir Putin took part in the All-Russian Forum of students clubs “Forward Together”, which was held at the Tatneft Arena Ice Palace. Over 5,000 students from 38 regions of the Russian Federation took part in this Forum. The main goal of the Forum, which was timed to coincide with the Day of Russian student community, was the promotion of team spirit of the students and creation of collective activity of universities all over the country. Vladimir Putin congratulated students with the Russian Students Day:
“I congratulate everyone in this room and all students in Russia and their mentors and professors. I wish you academic excellence and success in life. Thanks to students and other young people, Russia will forever remain a young, daring and forward-looking country. I wish success to all of you” – he said.
“Also, I want to wish you to remain as you are now: forward-looking, daring and brave, and to make use of the numerous advantages offered by our enormous country. You have grown up in a new era. I assure you that you have many advantages over those who came before you. You are absolutely free to create new meanings, new fashions, new music, new art and new technology. Do not be afraid to make mistakes but always look for ways to overcome them and to find the solutions you need, and you will be a happy and successful generation. I sincerely wish it to be so. Good luck!” – he added.
Photos by “Rosmolodezh” Federal Agency

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