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Effective collaboration between KNRTU and France

Over the last years, KNRTU Department of Foreign Languages for Professional Communication has been boosting its collaboration with France. French Republic always attracts interest of Russian citizenry in business, trade, industry, education, science, and culture.

French is one of the foreign languages that are taught at the Department of Foreign Languages for Professional Communication at KNRTU. Together with KNRTU International Affairs the faculty of the Department collaborates with the Embassy of France in Moscow. In 2014, the collaboration agreement between KNRTU and Embassy of France in Moscow was signed. The purpose of the agreement is to promote French language among KNRTU students. The Department has created French Language Resource Center to run French classes. Lecturers from France come to work here annually.
Good command of the French language helps students to apply for the granting programs arranged by Embassy of France in Moscow. KNRTU faculty and lecturers from France help students to win and undergo linguistic trainings and study in France. Faculty of the Department of Foreign Languages for Professional Communication trains students to pass the international DELF/DALF exam on French language.
KNRTU actively collaborates with the universities and scientific institutions of France. In 2014, KNRTU signed a collaboration agreement with National Chemical Engineering Institute in Paris. The representative of the Institute Professor Jacques Amouroux took part and made his presentation on the International Conference The Physics of Low Temperature Plasma and the International school of young scientists Plasma Technologies for Study and Development of Novel Materials organized by KNRTU.
KNRTU has an agreement with Paris ModArt International fashion and arts institute. On September 19-24, 2011, the representatives of ModArt International took part in the scientific school which was held at KNRTU. On April 16-21, 2012, KNRTU faculty participated in master classes given by ModArt International specialists.
At present, KNRTU negotiates with Paris 13 University for prolonging their agreement.
Another partner of KNRTU Department of Foreign Languages for Professional Communication is a center of French language and culture lAlliance Francaise de Kazan. On March 31, 2017, the linguistic contest in French Dictation of the Consul was held at Kazan National Research Technological University in the framework of International Francophonie Days. Dictation of the Consul is organized annually in the biggest cities of Russia. French language learners from Kazan wrote a dictation based on French literature. The text of the dictation was read in French by native speakers. The event was organized by the Center of French Language and Culture Alliance Francaise Kazan (acting under the umbrella of the Embassy of France in Russia) and Faculty of Social and Technical Systems of Kazan National Research Technological University.

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