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Универсиада 2019

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Studying in China: KNRTU student’s experience

KNRTU student Vokhid Yuldashev shared his experience of studying in China.

«你们好我叫VokhidYuldashev我的中国叫李伟 (Hello everyone, my name is Vokhid Yuldashev, my Chinese name is LiWei). I was an exchange student in SWPU. It is a Gas and Oil University in Sichuan province. I flew to China one month before the start of the study period, visited several cities and got new knowledge. My acquaintance with China started long before arrival with the book «Hello China», and China has become my dream and I decided to continue my study in China. In this decision I was helped by our KNRTU International Affairs, in particular Leysan Ziganshina. When I arrived to Chengdu, I was met by the volunteer who spoke English and on the way to the University he showed some places of the city and famous streets. I have been under great impression since my arrival. Next, we had a familiarization process with learning and paperwork. After all the students arrived, we started our classes. I never thought that in 25 years, I will sit at the «words» and write the letters again, but it was so cool that I didn't pay attention on it. Teachers were joyful and positive, but the Chinese system of study requires good results and punctuality. For each pass according to the study, it was possible to lose points so we all tried to avoid it. During the training period I realized that this is the most fun time of my life: I met new people, gained new knowledge, made new friends, learned a new culture and new language. If you are a 3rd or 4th year student and plan to study abroad, choose China and you will not regret about it! If you don't know how to do it - come to the KNRTU International Affairs and they will help to make the right choice».

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