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Универсиада 2019

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Professor of the Purdue University (USA) held a series of workshops for KNRTU students

On March 13-15, 2018, Professor Phillip Sanger held a series of workshops for Bachelor’s Degree students of the Polymer Faculty. The course was devoted to the development of Project Management (PM) skills.

Professor Phillip Sanger provided the keys for successful project implementation using the method of brainstorming with the students. The audience was able to participate in the discussion and group work where everyone had the opportunity to share their ideas with the foreign expert. It was a highly important experience to train in both language skills and PM skills as well. The lectures were logically divided into three parts. The first session was more theoretical and covered the general strategy of project implementation described in the video «Deep dive» with a discussion of the critical subject areas that the students should consider for their future projects. The second session was devoted to generating ideas and project selection. In practice the students were able to form teams and to get involved in the ideation process – doing a «Skyscraper Project». They were engaged in a strong competition and were able to show their teaming and creativity skills in this real exercise. In the third session, Phillip Sanger paid much attention to the statement of work and analyzed the steps of the project organization. A TED leadership video was efficient for that stage of the seminar as it motivated a discussion among the workshop participants. After the course, all the participants received certificates for the successful completion of the Project Management workshops. The students were inspired and energized by the enthusiasm of Professor Phillip Sanger and received skills that could help them for the future grant applications.

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