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Универсиада 2019

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Professor of Purdue University (USA) Dr. Phillip Sanger engaged a team-forming business game with KNRTU students

This year, KNRTU launches an Elite Engineering Education Program for its best students. On March 15, 2018, the first class of the Program in Advanced English was arranged by Dr. Julia Ziyatdinova, a Head for the Department of Foreign Languages in Professional Communication. The class was given by a good KNRTU friend from USA – professor of Purdue University Dr. Phillip Sanger.

Phillip Sanger engaged a team-forming business game named «Skyscraper Project» with KNRTU students. They were divided into several teams, each of 5-6 students. The task was to design a skyscraper using pencils and polyurethane foam blocks in accordance with the budget of the team. Each group made an independent decision about what materials it should buy. The construction requirements included stability, «earthquake»-resistance, and ability to hold up a 1.5 l bottle with water on its top.
Students successfully coped with the task. Each team presented its unique project.
The business game was in English language and students had to recall all the vocabulary they possessed to interact with Professor Sanger.
When the game was over, a manager of the Program, associate professor Ekaterina Tarasova noted a positive feedback from students and announced next class.
The classes of the Program are scheduled on Thursdays. For more information please contact Ekaterina Tarasova on WhatsApp +7917 8989754.

Photos from the class

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