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Workshops on Project Management by Phillip Sanger at KNRTU

On March 12-16, 2018, Professor of Purdue University Dr. Phillip Sanger (USA) visited KNRTU to give workshops and lectures on project management for the3-4th year and MSc. students of Innovation in Chemical Technology Department.

The success of the lectures inspired the Department faculty to apply for the granting program. In the nearest feature, KNRTU expects that Phillip Sanger will join the main faculty of the university.

The lectures gave students the opportunity to learn how to manage the engineering projects. Students watched the video on project development, generated new ideas, thought over the possible solutions for different issues related to waste disposal and polymer recycling. KNRTU student declared that Dr. Sanger inspired them not only to create and develop new business projects, but to take extra English courses. The classes were held in English, but everyone understood Dr. Sanger well. The students were captured by his charisma, sense of humor, rich vocabulary and simple speech. Every student was involved in the process and excited by the project work.

In the interview Dr. Sanger emphasized that he enjoyed working with both KNRTU students and teaching staff. Within the five year period,he participated in the similar events 20 times and he was enchanted by the people and the atmosphere of the university.

“There is no strong difference between US and Russian students. All the growing specialists have much enthusiasm, a flow of ideas and endless energy to act. I am highly pleased to work with your students and I am always ready to proceed with training here even if I have 30 student groups in America, who I am completing the projects with until the end of May” –Dr. Phillip Sanger says.

Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers in Medicine and Cosmetics answered the most frequently asked question ifDr. Sanger would have lectures with the students of other specialities. The Dean pointed out that the systematic course was provided only for the students of Innovation in Chemical Technology Department. Prof. Sanger had a big heart and he was ready to inspire almost everyone who was eager to participate at the supplementary workshops”.

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