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Универсиада 2019

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KNRTU participated in the educational exhibition "China Education Expo - 2018"

On October 19-21, 2018, Beijing held the largest annual international exhibition "China Education Expo - 2018". More than 600 universities from 37 countries took part in the event.

This year Russia was an honorary guest of the exhibition. The Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation – Marina A. Borovskaya participated in the exhibition opening ceremony.

On October 19, Russian participants of the «China Education Expo – 2018» took part in the work meeting in the Russian Cultural Centre and discussed the approaches of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to the increasing the attractiveness of Russian education worldwide.

On October 20, the grand opening of the Russian exposition on the CEE-2018 was held by Marina Borovskaya and the former Vice Minister of Education of the PRC – Liu Limin. Russia was presented by 20 universities participating in Development of the Export Potential of the Russian Education System – a priority project of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

According to the CEE-2018 Organizing Committee, nowadays more than 30 thousand Chinese students study in Russia, 18 thousand Russian students study in China and around 30 thousand students from both countries annually take part in short-term exchanging programs.

The governments of Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China set an objective to increase the number of bilateral educational exchanges to 100 thousand by 2020.

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